Perizat Berdiyeva


Project title: Compact thermochemical storage for residential heating systems using green electricity

Project description:

The transition to “green” electricity brings challenges to the transmission and distribution systems due to the fluctuating nature of the renewable energy sources. To support this transition, energy storage and particularly thermal energy storage has been identified as a strategic technology. By reducing the CO2 emission generated by heating buildings and extending smart use of renewable-based electricity, our project proposes to build a residential heating system to replace the conventional fossil fuel-based burners.

The project focuses on designing and building optimal thermochemical heat battery based on exothermal absorption of ammonia into salt halides. This material has heat storage capacity up to 10 times higher than the best PCM materials, and no heat loss occurs during the storage period. With such a solution, we target to triple the heat storage capacity of the heat battery compared to PCM based battery (the system includes heat exchanger, pumps and piping + storage tank) while enabling efficient electricity consumption. By developing de-centralized, smart grid-enabled, energy storage systems placed at the consumer end, we will be able to schedule consumption at the endpoint, with the benefit to the grid system.