The section for Imaging and Structural Analysis (ISA)

Karl at the FIB

The section for Imaging and Structural Analysis (ISA) is leading the department research in imaging and scattering experiments with focus on in situ and in operando applications.

Contact Head of section

Luise Theil Kuhn
Head of Section
DTU Energy
+4546 77 47 12

Contact Section secretary

Karina Ulvskov Frederiksen
Section Secretary (Secretariat)
DTU Energy
+4545 25 82 02

The life of a synchrotron

Two people from the ISA section are starring in a film detailing 24 hours in the life of a synchrotron.


CenErgy PhD Summer School

Senior Researcher Jacob R. Bowen is one of the organisers of the PhD Summer School CenErgy II


Professor Jens Wenzel Andreasen is one of the organisers of the PhD Summer Shcool CINEMAXIV

Projects and publications

Research projects in the ISA section


Publications in the ISA section