The section for Imaging and Structural Analysis (ISA)

Contact Head of section

Luise Theil Kuhn
DTU Energy
+45 51 41 93 71

Contact Section secretary

Signe Dan Jensen
Administrative Coordinator (Secretariat)
DTU Energy
+45 93 51 10 59

Research Focus


The Section for Imaging and Structural Analysis focuses on the fundamental understanding of micro-/nanostructure and interface properties of multiscale functional materials for energy applications. The section applies and develops the methods for imaging and structural analysis needed to advance energy-related materials research. To tie the functional materials’ structural knowledge to the properties, performance and lifetime in energy device components, the section applies multiscale materials analysis methods within electron microscopy, X-rays, and neutrons. These methods range from state-of-the-art lab-based equipment to international large-scale facilities and include unique competences in creating custom-built sample environments for testing materials and devices under operation-like conditions. The section also develops multi-modal analysis including spectroscopy. 

The main research interests of the section are:

  • Three complementary probes: electrons, X-rays and neutrons with emphasis on 3D ex situ, in situ and operando advanced imaging and structural analysis methods
  • Extracting quantitative multiscale information from crystal structure, chemical composition, and microstructure morphology within the bulk, at interfaces or on surfaces
  • Linking functional materials’ structural knowledge to properties and performance in energy device components

Head of Section Luise Theil Kuhn received the National Teaching Prize 2020 awarded by the Ministry for Higher Education and Science

The life of a synchrotron

Two people from the ISA section are starring in a film detailing 24 hours in the life of a synchrotron.
Professor Jens Wenzel Andreasen is one of the organisers of the annual PhD Summer School CINEMAX.